Poppintree Housing is comprised of 14 two-bedroom apartments and 11 three-bedroom houses.

A landscaped area at least two metres deep with stub walls and railings separates the front of all units from the surrounding streets. Every unit has a private front gate giving access to individual front doors. All front doors are sheltered by porches supported by a combined bin store and meter point.  Each unit has a private back garden.

Individual units are planned and the site laid out to ensure that as many living/dining rooms as possible can face the sun while being distanced from Balbutcher Lane. The smaller units are concentrated at the east and west ends of the site where they can be grouped to provide continuous overlooking of street corners. In most units, the front door can be supervised from the kitchen window. Kitchens in the larger units are designed to accommodate a secondary dining area.

Car parking is treated in two ways: smaller units have on-street spaces along Balbutcher Lane; larger units have on-curtilage spaces in their front gardens.

The height of all parts of the project has been restricted to two storeys with pitched roofs to respect the existing urban context and grain. External walls are clad in brick or render and roofs are covered in concrete tiles to accord with the palette of materials common in the area and ease the cost of long term maintenance of the project in a sustainable manner. Windows and doors are timber framed and double-glazed.