The site is located on the north side of Old Blessington Road opposite St Maelruain’s Church, close to Tallaght Village and the Institute of Technology. The site accommodates a car park, shops, offices and student housing, with facilities ancillary to these uses. The building has a basement containing parking for bicycles and 54 cars, reached by a ramp along the western boundary of the site. It is surmounted by a podium on the ground floor, which is occupied by shops and offices, arranged around a courtyard. This podium expands along the southern edge of the site to form a colonnade which corresponds with the scale and massing of the nave of St Maelruain’s Church. A stairs and lift on the east side of the building gives access to the roof of the podium where a pair of residential blocks stand. The roof of the podium forms a private open space for the housing, which is served by a warden’s apartment, laundry room and refuse store adjacent to it. All living rooms face south to maximise their exposure to sunlight and the view of the Dublin Mountains.