This social housing project forms part of the ‘Masterplan for the new Ballymun’ published by Ballymun Regeneration Ltd on a site located at the south eastern edge of Ballymun. It is bounded to the west by Shangan Gardens and to the east by Shanliss Avenue and Shanliss Way; its southern edge is formed by a crenellated wall to the back gardens of the existing houses on Whiteacre Court; this wall continues northwards to form the eastern boundary of the site along the sides of houses at the ends of Shanliss Grove and Shanliss Walk. The development consists of 69 residential units made up of one, two and three storey units with associated external works and provision of new play areas.

Individual units have been planned and the site laid out to ensure that as many living/dining rooms as possible can face the sun. The smaller units are concentrated at the entrances to the site and along the pedestrian walk where they can be grouped to provide continuous overlooking of street corners and footpaths. Each of these units has been given either a private back garden or a terrace. The larger units occupy the deeper parts of the site where they can benefit from correspondingly larger back gardens.  All units have a private front gate to the street giving access to individual front doors.