The rebuild and extension of the Radiology Department at Letterkenny University Hospital was a multi-phase project, which began following a flood to the hospital that rendered the existing department unusable. The initial stage of the project was to bring critical services, such as CT and MRI, back in service on a temporary basis, while the design process for the rebuild project was progressed.

The existing department was highly internalised, with limited external envelope and an incoherent spatial arrangement. The design approach was to integrate the disparate elements of the Radiology Department, increase its size while also opening it up to bring in daylight and connect it to the main hospital. Natural material was used in patient waiting areas to provide a calming backdrop and also aid wayfinding within the department.

To allow the main project proceed, a new temporary CT was first constructed elsewhere in the Hospital and the MRI temporarily moved off site. The main project involved the complete re-planning of the existing department and removal of substandard temporary modular structures to create space for the construction of a new-build extension to house a new interventional suite

The department now provides CT, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, MRI, General X-ray, and Interventional X-ray services for the Hospital, with associated administrative and support areas for staff and patients.