The accommodation required by the brief is in two parts and this division is reflected in the organisation of the building: the Customer Innovation Centre is located on its ground floor and the offices on its first floor. The new building is connected to the existing Building 2 by a link corridor at each level and contains a new main entrance for both buildings. Modifications were made to the existing entrance to Building 2 to suppress its visual significance on the axis of the entrance road. The new building adopts an asymmetric plan and massing to engage with the altered site layout and draws attention to itself as a more significant form than Building 2. Locating the new building at the crest of the site augments this perception.

The building is entered through one end of an atrium around which all of the functions of the Customer Innovation Centre are arranged on the ground floor and which directs daylight into one side of the offices on the first floor. The atrium contains a reception desk, luggage store, kitchenette and interactive communications hub. Meetings rooms of various sizes open off its long sides. At its short end opposite the entrance is the research and development suite, the centerpiece of the visual experience.

The first floor accommodates executives in cellular offices, support staff in an open plan area and ancillary accommodation.