The building lies directly to the east of the Sami Nasr Building, also designed by Cullen Payne Architects, and houses the Institutes of Information Technology and Advanced Communications, Neurosciences and Statistics, which focus on research into real and artificial intelligence. It includes space for undergraduate teaching, postgraduate research, academic offices and associated support services.

The Sami Nasr Building sought to enhance the spatial sequence of the east end of the Trinity College campus by employing the same compositional devices as those that unite the great set pieces of the College, and the Lloyd Institute follows the pattern set by its predecessor.

Horizontal stainless steel channels, fixed to the edge of each floor slab, invert but repeat the horizontal emphasis created by the projecting stone string courses and cornice of neighbouring buildings. They carry slabs of grey granite, which are orientated vertically to contrast with the ashlar masonry of existing walls and emphasise the fact that they bear no load.