The site is located within the grounds of the former Richmond Barracks on a gentle north to south slope. To the north of the site lies Bulfin Court Housing for the Elderly which was also designed by the Cullen Payne Architects.

The new nursing home is Z-shaped in plan comprised of two parts: to the north, a one-storey leg containing the public and service facilities; to the south, a two-storey leg  containing 50 bed-spaces in single and shared rooms with en-suite bathrooms, day-dining rooms and support facilities.

The building is clad in the same brick as Bulfin Court to resemble the local 19th century housing in both colour and tone; windows and doors are powder-coated aluminium with cedar infill panels; roofs are profiled metal and are mono-pitched to minimise the height and reduce the mass of the building while creating an intimate scale to the gardens. It is adjoined by two landscaped spaces of different characters. Vehicular access and car parking are located to the west and a service yard to the north.