The site is located on the campus of Clonskeagh Hospital and is in the form of a gently sloping plateau with views of the Dublin Mountains to the south.

The new nursing home comprises three parts: a central circulation tower, containing the main entrance, lifts and stairs; and two wings, both L-shaped in plan, which differ in height by half a storey as the site falls. The southern wing is two-storeys and the northern wing is three-storeys high. They contain shared facilities and 100 bedspaces in single and shared rooms with ensuite bathrooms and support facilities. Although the bedrooms are identical in plan for ease of nursing, they vary in cross section and in fenestration in order to individualise them. On the lower floors, they have flat ceilings; on the upper floors, ceilings are profiled by the roof. The floors connect at the half landings of the stairs in the central circulation tower. Day rooms enjoy views of the Dublin Mountains.