The site for this project is at the northwest corner of the South Infirmary-Victoria Hospital campus. The urban context consists of a prominent street corner where neighbouring structures are generally large in scale. Long views to and from the site are available down Anglesea Street and South Terrace.

Consideration of the context and the brief prompted a plan in the form of an elongated rectangle and a cross section that is four storeys high. It comprises a ‘head’ and ‘tail’ joined by a vertical circulation and service core. The most important elements of the brief are located in the ‘head’ where they can enjoy the view down South Terrace; the less important ones are in the ‘tail’. A central corridor subdivides the ‘tail’ into a wide bay facing north over Hibernian Road and a narrow bay facing south over a garden. The three parts of the brief – client, staff, and operational – are also zoned in section. The ground floor is raised above the level of the flood plain in which the building sits, requiring steps and a ramp to reach the main entrance.

The elevations of neighbouring buildings are characterised by a mixture of painted render and reddish brown brick. The new building is clad in brick to continue this local theme.