Collaboration with Allies and Morrison

This project continues the expansion of Adamstown, a new urban centre to the west of Dublin. The aspirations for this new phase of development are to introduce a greater variety in the arrangement of the houses and typologies, to reduce the presence of the car in some areas and to introduce where possible a tighter urban grain within the guidance set out in the Strategic Development Zone Planning Scheme. It is also important to blend this phase with the completed first phase so that the whole of the St Helen’s tile has a unified character and a neighbourhood feel. This will be achieved by using the same facing brickwork for those terraces facing the completed properties on St Helen’s Grove and the terraces facing onto Tandy’s Lane. Hard surfaces will also follow the same or similar materials palette.

The development contains a mixture of three- and four-bedroom town houses, arranged over two or three floors, two- or three-bedroom duplexes each arranged over two floors, and a range of one, two or three-bedroom apartments.

There are also four apartment buildings within this phase, three on Adamstown Boulevard and one on Adamstown Way. Two of the apartment buildings are taller than the adjacent housing and rise to five storeys to produce landmark buildings as required in the SDZ guidance. Both buildings have roof top gardens for use by all the apartments in the buildings. A third apartment buildings responds differently to its surrounding landscape and the green corridor. A fourth apartment contains a crèche for 100 children.