Werburgh Street Offices,

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Remains of the City Wall and the culvert of the Poddle River lie beneath the site. The new building accommodates five floors of offices served by a single core located to the south of the Poddle River and the zone anticipated to contain archaeological remains. It combines five architectural devices to relate to its neighbours while providing an efficient distribution of internal functions: a stepped block, aligning with the plane of the front elevation of the local authority flats and resolving the irregular geometry of the site; a pavilion at street level engaging with the undercroft of the apartment block; a terrace at first floor level following a twist in the line of the street and sheltering the entrance to both the offices and public route; a top floor disengaging from the flats to read as a tower and create a stepped roof line between the two existing buildings; and, finally, the binding of old with new by continuing the stone string courses of the flats across the east elevation of the office building. Neighbouring buildings are predominantly made of red brick and the new building is clad in brick and stone to match them.